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Service and Repair are Surgical Tables, Table Hand Controls, Lasers, O.R. Lights, O.R. Products, Surgical Table Accessories

We also Are a Distributor of Fine Quality Medical Equipment and O.R. Products

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Operating Room Products

I.V. stands, I.V./Infusion Pump Stand, Stainless-Steel Instrument Tables, Stainless-Steel Utility Tables, Stainless-Steel Utility Carts, Stainless-Steel Solution Stands, Stainless-Steel Linen Hampers, Stacking Step Stools, Stainless-Steel Foot Stools, Patient Transfer Roller Boards, Mayo Stands and Open Case Carts.

Surgical Table Accessories including "Hand Controls Repair"

Armboards, Pads/Cushions, Arm and Hand Surgery Tables, Table Hand Controls, Traction devices, O.R. Table Socket, Leg Holders/Stirrups and Anesthesia Screen, Mayo Tray, Straps, Patient Roller Boards.


We offer maintenance, service and repair of Surgical Lights,
Surgical Tables, tables hand controls, lasers and more. Contact Us for more details.