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Last modified on

May 29th, 2012


Surgical Lasers


At East Coast Lasers & Medical, Inc. we offer Sales, Service, Parts / Accessories, Repair & Preventive Maintenance, ( PM ) of your Surgical or Ophthalmic Laser.


LaserSonics, Heraeus, Coherent, Lumenis, Sharplan, Laserscope, HGM, New Star are some of the surgical Laser manufactures we service.


NEW and Refurbished Lasers are available for sale.


Argon Lasers, Holmium Lasers, Erbium Lasers, CO-2 Lasers and Yag Lasers available.


Pre-owned / Refurbished Lasers are an excellent cost effective alternative.

Many Laser available includingCoherent / Lumenis


Argon Laser available
Holmium Laser available
Erbium Laser available
CO-2 Laser available
Yag Laser available


Please call or email for detailed product and ordering information.

Laser are available to meet your surgical, dermatology, hair removal, cosmetic and plastic needs.


"Laser High Voltage Power Supplies Repaired"

Power Supplies repaired at a fraction of replacement cost.


We provide Service on most Surgical Lasers and Ophthalmic Laser.


Repair, Preventive Maintenance, & Calibration.






Fibers for Yag Lasers available
Heraeus LaserSonics CO2 & Yag Lasers available


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