Light Intensity at 39" (1 meter) 72,000 lux (6,700 ft-candles)
Light Field Diameter (adjustable) 6.5"-9.0" Dia.
Depth of Illumination 48"
Color Temperature 4000 K
Color Rendering Index 90 CRI
Light Dimming Settings (discrete) 100%,85%,70%, 50%
Light Source (primary) 100 W Tungsten Halogen Bulb
Light Source (secondary, back-up) 100 W Tungsten Halogen Bulb
Rated Bulb Life (primary and secondary) 1000 hours
Reflector 16" Facetted Alzak Aluminum
Filter Type I/R Filter Glass
Sterilizable Handle Standard
Input Voltage Range 100-125 Vac 50/60 Hz
  220-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Lamp Voltage 23-25 Vac
Light Head Dimensions 18.0" Dia. X 14.0" High
Arm Length (Maximum Length) 59"
Lamp Head Rotation Continuous
Vertical Arm Movement +20,-70 degrees
Ceiling Mount/Extension Arm Continuous
Articulating/Extension Arm Joint Continuous
Articulating Arm/Yoke Joint Continuous
Yoke/Light Head Joint +/-150 degrees
Weights (based on 8 ft. ceiling height):  
Single Ceiling Mount (with arms) TBA pounds
Double Ceiling Mount (with arms) TBA pounds
Trio Ceiling Mount (with arms) TBA pounds
Light Head Assembly TBA pounds