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May 29th, 2012


Operating Room Products and Supplies



Also available all "BLICKMAN" Operating Room Products


We are an authorized Blickman distributor, providing the complete line of Blickman products.  Many Blickman items discounted to below list price.

Case Carts (open or closed), Material Handling Carts, Cabinets, Warming Cabinets, Mayo Instrument Stands, Intravenous (IV) Stands, Solution Stands, Stainless Tables, Bassinets, Stools, Foot Stools, Hampers, Scrub Sinks, Surgical Waste Receptacles, Stainless Utensils.

If interesting in Blickman products not shown on this page, please contact us.




Roller Boards for Patient




MCM123 25"x15" Roller Board W/Cover $168.50
MCM124 25" Replacement Cover $44.00

30"x15" Roller Board W/Cover


MCM126 30" Replacement Cover



67"x15" Roller Board W/Cover


MCM131 67" Replacement Cover


MCM132 Stainless Steel Roller Board Rack












"with" side rail hooks, adjustable from "18 inch to 54 inch"


CM404 "without" side rail hooks, adjustable from "18 inch to 54 inch"


CM405 "with" side rail hooks, adjustable from "18 inch to 66 inch" (for larger patients)


CM406 "without" side rail hooks, adjustable from "18 inch to 66 inch" (for larger patients)


Patient Restaint Straps for Operating Room use.
These are not velcrow, but have these  TWO AIRPLANE TYPE BUCKLES for safe secure use.
In stock for immediate delivery.
Conductive Body & Leg Restraint Strap for Surgical Tables in Operating Room
For O.R. Tables. Has 5 inch wide part attached to 2 inch strap with TWO AIRPLANE TYPE BUCKLES which attaches to side rails on O.R. Table. May be used with or with out side rail hooks.

LATEX FREE: Conductive Restraints Assure Safety- This complete line of Conductive Restraints meets the need for electrically conductive (non static) accessories for surgical equipment. Specially compounded black conductive material is used for Conductive Wristlets, Body, Arm and Leg Straps. Conductive Restraints meet the requirements of the National Fire Protective Association. The styles and sizes offered are adaptable to virtually every type of Operating Table, Obstetrical Table & Wheel Stretcher found in use today. They are of proper design & rugged construction, to give satisfactory service in hospital use. All metal parts are well plated to resist corrosion. Conductive Restraints may be sterilized repeatedly by autoclaving at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Easily cleaned without being sent to laundry.









Arm Boards & Pads





Universal Armboard, Snap Lock, 26" long, includes 2" Thick Pad.

Fits any standard USA Siderail.

(sold individually, order 2 for a pair)

$250.00 ea.

Table Pad Sets available for most Tables.

Please provide your table model.









Arm and Hand Surgery Table






MCM301 Free Access Arm and Hand Surgery Table









MCM302 2" Thick Free Access Pad



Rectangle Surgery Table W/Single Leg


MCM311 Rectangle Surgery Table W/Double Leg


MCM312 18" W x 32" L x 2" H Pad for Rectangle Tables


MCM314 18" L Add-A-Rail for Rectangle Table



Carbon Fiber Rectangle Surgery Table W/Single Leg


MCM316 Carbon Fiber Rectangle Surgery Table W/Double Leg


MCM320 Hourglass Surgery Table W/Single Leg $980.00
MCM321 Hourglass Surgery Table W/Double Leg $998.00
MCM322 Hourglass Pad 2" Thick $158.50
MCM324 24" L Add-A-Rail for Hourglass Tables $393.50
MCM325 Carbon Fiber Hourglass Surgery Table W/Single Leg $2,528.50
MCM326 Carbon Fiber Hourglass Surgery Table W/Double Leg $2,545.00
MCM330 Carpal Arm and Hand Surgery Table $791.50
MCM340 Under Pad Mount Arm and Hand Surgery Table W/Single Leg $1,125.00
MCM341 Under Pad Mount Arm and Hand Surgery Table W/Double Leg $1,142.00
MCM401 Radiolucent Armboard Posi-lock $250.00










Anesthesia Screens,

Candy Cane Stirrup and Clark Socket





Adjustable Anesthesia Screen


MCM105 Rigid Anesthesia Screen



Candy Cane Stirrup (pair)



Stainless Steel Clark Socket (sold individually)











Mayo Tray (attach to O.R. Table Siderail)


MAYO Tray Attachment complete for O.R. Table


MCM160 Clark Socket


Model -2TI-1913104063 includes pole, tray frame and tray.

Tray size 13-3/4" x 19-1/8". Height adjust to 26"Provides unobstructed floor space around your surgical table.










Finger Traps & Traction Tower




Nylon Finger Traps


Wire Finger Traps

Traction Tower

for Arm / Hand Table

MCM344 18" L Horizontal Traction Tower $225.00
MCM345 24" L Horizontal Traction Tower $242.00
MCM350 Equalizing Device $398.50
MCM355 X Small Finger Trap $22.50
MCM356 Small Finger Trap $22.50
MCM357 Medium Finger Trap $22.50
MCM358 Large Finger Trap $22.50
MCM359 X Large Finger Trap $22.50
  Wire Finger Traps - Large, medium, small, extra small (Child)

$39.79 ea.











Beach Chair Positioner



Orthopedic Beach Chair Positioner


Rapid and Flexible Patient Positioning
  • Posterior Exposure is facilitated by drop panels on both sides.
  • Improved Stability and patient support.
  • Universal Rail Mounting System safely and quickly attaches postioner to the OR table.
  • Infinitely Adjustable torso positioning with intuitive trigger release control.
  • Lightweight and Compact making it easy to handle, transport and store.
  • Faster Patient Positioning reducing OR time and expense.
  • Rapid Change of Patient Position without compromising sterile fields.











Stainless Steel Instrument Table
With Shelf





16" W x 20" L x 34" H

MCM502 16" W x 30" L x 34" H $503.00
MCM503 18" W x 33" L x 34" H $540.00
MCM504 20" W x 36" L x 34" H $555.00
MCM505 24" W x 36" L x 34" H $618.00
MCM506 20" W x 48" L x 34" H $685.00
MCM507 24" W x 48" L x 34" H $745.00
MCM508 24" W x 60" L x 34" H $1,075.00
MCM509 24" W x 72" L x 34" H $1,250.00
With H-Brace    


16" W x 20" L x 34" H


MCM511 16" W x 30" L x 34" H $500.00
MCM512 18" W x 33" L x 34" H $521.00
MCM513 20" W x 36" L x 34" H $532.00
MCM514 24" W x 36" L x 34" H $554.00
MCM515 20" W x 48" L x 34" H $607.00
MCM516 24" W x 48" L x 34" H $632.00
MCM517 24" W x 60" L x 34" H $950.00
MCM518 24" W x 72" L x 34" H $1,052.00

OPTIONS AVAILABLE: 3-Sided Guard Rail, Utility Drawer, Larger Diameter Castors Call or email info@eclmedical.com for prices.










Stainless Steel Anesthesia/Utility Table





With shelf, welded guard rails on all four sides, no drawers


0000587120 With shelf, welded guard rails on all four sides & 1 drawer


0004577220 With shelf and 2 drawers (shown)


0007587320 With shelf and 3 drawers


0009587420 With shelf and 4 drawers


Dimensions: 16" W x 20" L x 34" H










Mayo Stands





13-3/4" x 19-3/4" Tray


0009677160 16" x 21" Tray


FOOT-OPERATED MAYO STANDS are number one in ease and convenience. Just lift the tray-frame - it automatically locks. To lower, hold the tray-frame and press the foot-operated control button. Release to lock in-place. A guard over the foot-button prevents accidental release.










I.V. / Infusion Pump Stands





2 Hook Chrome I.V. Pole 5 Leg Base








MCM202 4 Hook Chrome I.V. Pole 5 Leg Base


MCM203 Leg Base with 2" casters



Chrome Pole



2 Hook 5 Leg Base W/S.less Steel Pole


MCM211 4 Hook 5 Leg Base W/S.less Steel Pole



6 Hook 5 Leg Base W/S.less Steel Pole


MCM215 Rigid I.V. Pole


MCM220 4 Hook Chrome I.V. Pole W/Heavy Base


MCM221 2 Hook Infusion Pump Stand


MCM222 4 Hook Infusion Pump Stand


MCM223 6 Hook Infusion Pump Stand


MCM224 5 Leg 22 Lb. Base only $157.00
MCM225 Stainless Steel I.V. Pole w/no lose knob $148.00
MCM226 2 Hook Infusion Top $37.50
MCM227 4 Hook Infusion Top $40.00
MCM228 6 Hook Infusion Top $48.00
MCM229 Oxygen Tank Holder                    $59.00
MCM230 Steering Wheel $48.50
MCM231 Universal Clamp $60.00
MCM232 Power Strip $284.00
MCM240 Adjustable (from 20"-32") I.V. Towbar $232.00
MCM260 Add-A-Tray $142.00


Optional Base Color available

Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

(please specify)










Stainless Steel Lift Assist I.V. Stands






4 Hook Stainless Steel Lift Assist Pole


MCM252 8 Hook Stainless Steel Lift Assist Pole


MCM253 28 Hook Stainless Steel Lift Assist Pole



4 Hook Lift Assist Top



8 Hook Lift Assist Top


MCM256 28 Hook Lift Assist Top





MCM258 Urinal Bag Hook


MCM259 Infusion Pump Frame


MCM260 Add-A-Tray


  • Easily lifts heavy loads by simply turning the crank!

  • Height adjustable from 56"-96" high.

  • Six leg base offers stability you need.

  • 3" scuff resistant casters provide unmatched maneuverability.

  • Base post in 2" square stainless steel tube.

  • Extension post is 1�" stainless steel tube.

  • No electric motors or hydraulic pumps to be concerned about or replace.

  • Many accessories available: universal clamp, infusion pump frame, Add-A-Tray. Sold separately.










Stacking Step Stool and Carry Cart





Stacking Interlocking

Step Stool



Carry Cart for Step Stool











Stainless Steel Foot Stools


12"L 18"W 8.5"H


0017577101 12"L 18"W (with 41"H Handrail) $358.85
0001677101 12"L 30"W 8"H $240.51
0011677101 12"L 30"W 8"H (with 41"H Handrail) $407.72

FOOT STOOLS are the industry standard. Stainless-steel construction, flared legs and an outer frame are welded all around the top and over the rubber tread for protection. Offered in two sizes. Add the optional handrail to 41" height - All components are MRI-Safe and suitable for MRI environments.


Chrome 11-3/8"D 14-1/4"W

(with 35-3/4"H Handrail)


FOOT STOOLS are constructed of chrome and have 17 weld points to enhance strength and durability. These stools feature a non-slip rubber mat and rubber tips for added comfort. Add the optional handrail - which measures 35-3/4" from the floor.










Stainless Steel Solution Stands

SOLUTION BASINS are fabricated from type 304 stainless steel for durability. Choose one or two 7 qt. bowls, which rest firmly on a square frame, for easy basin removal. H-brace design enhances structural integrity. Stands travel effortlessly on 2" hard rubber casters.

0017087170 Single Basin, with H-Brace, 15"W 15"L 33"H $351.63
0007087170 Single Basin, with Shelf, 15"W 15"L 33"H


0018087270 Double Basin, with H-Brace, 29"L 15"W 33"H $560.58
0008087270 Double Basin, with Shelf, 29"L 15"W 33"H $592.43
0210737379 Solution Basin 8-1/2 qt., dimension 14"D



* Bowl included with

   all Solution Stands

SOLUTION STANDS have a single or double basin with a supporting frame connected by your choice of a bottom shelf or H-brace. The bracing and shelf, as well as all-stainless, welded construction, enhance the stand's strength and stability. Stainless-steel basin has large, 8-1/2-qt. capacity, yet is unusually quiet when dropped into the circular ring. Rubber bumpers are placed strategically inside the ring to reduce noise from metal-to-metal contact. Travels quietly on 2" swivel casters.










Stainless Steel Linen Hampers


Triangular Space-Saver Hamper, 18"D, dimension 18"D 32"H


TRIANGULAR SPACE-SAVER HAMPER offers hands-free loading and unloading with a convenient non-slip pedal. All-stainless-steel construction. Bumper guards on stainless-steel lid and legs protect equipment and walls. Solid shelf on bottom provides extra security with heavy loads. This hamper travels effortlessly on three, 3", hard-rubber swivel casters.

Hamper, no Lid, dimension 26"D ring 35"H


ROUND HAMPERS have a round tubular ring that is seamlessly welded to three legs. A solid, round platform at the bottom acts as a bracing and protects the hamper bag from the floor. Two sizes available: 20" or 26". An optional, reinforced, dome-shaped lid of high-density, white polyethylene is recommended to control airborne pathogens. Choose from two sizes: 22" or 28".

Hamper with Plastic Lid, dimension 26"D ring 36-1/2"H












Open Case Carts


OCC3 has an open design that is easy to clean and dry, load and maneuver. Full encircling bumper and solid bottom prevents cross-contamination. Ideal when carts go directly to a sterile core, bypassing non-sterile transport.


0006940142 OCC4 has an open architecture with two wire shelves, which allows easy cleaning and drying. Lightweight cart provides economy without sacrificing strength, due to solid bottom and encircling bumper.











Stainless Steel Kick Buckets


13 quart Pail with frame, "complete"


0066778079 13 quart Pail only


1006677180 Frame only $177.95
Kick Bucket has a continuous, encircling rubber bumper with stainless-steel cross-braces that provide excellent protection for the receptacle. Constructed from heavy-gauge stainless steel, this pail fits perfectly into a tip-resistant base protected by rubber tips for smooth handling and noise-reduction. Unit travels effortlessly on 2" swivel casters.

Sponge Receptacle 16"D, 7-1/4"H, 8.5qt capacity, with frame, "complete"


Sponge Receptacle offers the same high quality construction as the Lenox Kick bucket, but accommodates a round basin with an 8-1/2-quart capacity. Unit travels effortlessly on 2" swivel casters. One unit not sold separate.





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