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Last modified on

May 29th, 2012

Heat Lamps / Warming Lights


For more than 25 years, major hospitals all over the United States and Canada have trusted Emerson Warming Lights to maintain or restore thermal environment and provide increased illumination for procedures when needed.

Heat Lamps
have been discontinued.
Heat Lamps are no
longer being manufactured.
However, Heat Lamp
repair parts and bulbs
are still available



Mobile Heat Lamp
  • Each Warming Light consists of two adjustable 250-watt infrared lamps
  • Each are enclosed in protective housings with screening over the face of each light.
  • Adjustable height, with positive-locking anti-slip pin to prevent downward slippage.
  • Each housing swivels independently in two directions and can be easily adjusted to most any desired position.
  • Convenient handles for easy adjustments.
  • Stable castered base, unique offset design.
  • An asymmetrical base slips easily under beds or cribs, staying out of the way of personnel. A warm well-lit environment is provided for the patient while the room remains comfortable to attending personnel. Procedures may be performed without interference to the patient's thermal environment. A retractable tape measure is built into the lamp housing so that the desired height adjustment can be made quickly and easily.



There are three Floor Mount / Caster Base Warming Light models to choose from:


96-SL 96-DL 96-TDL

Basic switch model, the 96-SL, is ideal for recovery room where intensity control is generally not required.

While the dimmer model, the 96-DL, is ideal for the operating room, pre-surgery and emergency rooms.

Third model, the 96-TDL, was designed for the nursery. It features a timer and dimmer control.

Time adjustment Control : Variable control from 1 to 15 minutes





  • Power : 110V, 60Hz, 500W (220 volts also available for small additional charge)

  • Leakage Current : less than 50 microamps

  • Telescopic pole : Aluminum square tubing, detents every 1 1/2 inch

  • Base : Cast aluminum, offset to prevent tipping, four 2 inch casters

  • Power Cord : 10 foot, 16-3 SJTO cord with grounded hospital grade plug

  • Dimensions : Down position : 63" ; Up postion : 83"

  • Lamp Height : Down postion : 53" ; Up postion : 73"

  • Weight : 25 lbs.

  • Shipping weight : 35 lbs.

Special Features and Controls


  • ON / OFF Switch : 2 positons rocker switch

  • Circuit Breaker Button : Safety fuse in the event of electrical malfunction

  • Time adjustment Control : Variable control from 1 to 15 minutes

  • Timer Start Button : Push-button switch

  • Dimmer Control : Variable control to adjust heat intensity








Heat Lamps shown as ceiling mount in combination

with Heraeus / Hanaulux Surgical Lights.




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