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Last modified on

May 29th, 2012

Exam Tables


The MD-250 is a multi purpose Table designed for ultrasound procedures, proctology, urology, thyroid, OB/GYN, various general medical & cosmetic procedures.




  • Patient Capacity: 450 lbs.

  • Retractable Foot Rest

  • Standard 110v AC 50/60 Hz with battery back up system

  • Table Size: 21 x 74

  • 2" Cushions

  • Height Adjustability: 28-37 inches

  • 5" Locking Casters

  • Trendelenburg positioning +/-15 degrees

  • Motorized Fowler back 0-85 degrees

  • Hand and Foot Controls Standard

  • Both height adjustability and Trendelenburg positioning are controlled via hand and foot control

  • Frame Colors : available in standard-light grey

  • Frame Color Option : white is additional $250.00

  • Upholstery Colors : available in standard-sea foam, light grey/flint, dark grey/pewter, black

  • Upholstery Colors Option : other colors available upon request of color swatches-additional cost based on availability

9600-101 MD250-2 Ultrasound Table $6,495.00
9600-102 MD250-E Echo-single cutout on one side $6,495.00
9600-103 MD250-EX Standard and Echo - Optional dual cutout via knob release $6,595.00
9600-104 MD250-S Shorter Length seat section (middle seat only 20" as standard is 28") $6,495.00
9600-105 MD250-W Wide seat section (middle seat is 26" wide as standard is 21.5") $6,595.00


With multiple Table orders,

discount will apply.



Accessories are additional, see below




Drain Bag Hoop Assembly

Beirhoff Knee Crutches

w/ Clamps

Fold Down Guard Rails

IV Pole

Ankle Stirrups

Also available (not shown)

Paper Dispenser



Accessories Pricing
9600-401 Ankle Stirrups, (pair) $380.00
9600-402 Patient Guard Rails, (pair) $279.00
9600-403 IV Pole $150.00
9600-404 Drain Bag Hoop Assembly $289.00
9600-405 Drain Bags, (10/pk) $140.00
9600-406 Beirhoff Knee Crutches w/ Clamps, (pair) $1,350.00
9600-407 Paper Dispenser $99.00
9600-408 Arm Board (pair) complete w/attachment (1-1/2" Cushion) $650.00
9600-409 Custom Wedge $125.00
9600-412 Side Rails $300.00


Thank you for your interest in

East Coast Laser & Medical.

Any questions, please

do not hesitate to call us

at 856-223-8951.  

(9am to 6pm eastern time)



  • $ 100 minimum order.

  • Please fax a Purchase Order to our office at 856-223-8952. Fax is on (24/7).

  • Provide "Bill To" & "Ship To" addresses on Purchase Order.

  • Please note payment terms of Net 30 days on Purchase Order.

Please Make Purchase Order Out To:

     East Coast Laser & Medical, Inc

     115 Woodland Avenue

     Mullica Hill, NJ  08062


     email: info@eclmedical.com


We are CCR

(Central Contractor Registered)

this will make it easier

for goverment / military orders.




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