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Last modified on

Thursday March 12, 2009


PMT 8000 Fixed Pain Management Table 



PMT 8000 Fixed Pain Management Table

  • Fixed Height: 35" - 37" (other height available)

  • 57" metal free area

  • Table support base rear-mounted to allow unencumbered C-Arm movement

  • 100% Carbon fiber cervical shaped, diving board style top (22" wide x 80" long)

  • Table top has the least x-ray attenuation on the market

  • Carbon fiber table top has facial access cut out & available in different top styles

  • Custom shaped patient table pad with Facial Access cut out

  • Patient pad 2" thick with 3 restraints

  • (4) Heavy duty, non-marking, locking casters

  • Upgradeable - any movement can be added at a later date

  • 650 lb. Patient weight capacity




Discounted Price
PMT 8000, fixed height $7,500.00 $6,500.00


Thank you for your interest in

East Coast Laser & Medical.

Any questions, please

do not hesitate to call us

at 856-223-8951.  

(9am to 6pm eastern time)



  • $ 100 minimum order.

  • Please fax a Purchase Order to our office at 856-223-8952. Fax is on (24/7).

  • Provide "Bill To" & "Ship To" addresses on Purchase Order.

  • Please note payment terms of Net 30 days on Purchase Order.

Please Make Purchase Order Out To:

     East Coast Laser & Medical, Inc

     115 Woodland Avenue

     Mullica Hill, NJ  08062


     email: info@eclmedical.com


We are CCR

(Central Contractor Registered)

this will make it easier

for goverment / military orders.


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